Fat Olive - Italian Cuisine

A Brand to Building project

Over 55 - Skills at work


Rebranding an institution

For more than 30 years the non–for-profit Over Fifty Five has served London Ontario and surrounding areas providing people 55 years of age and older an opportunity to utilize their skills and keep a busy lifestyle.

I was approached by their directors to identify and resolve a common problem they were facing. The first part of the problem was a dated graphic identity that was not communicating with their target audience. The second part of the problem was changing their name; their old name ‘Over Fifty Five’ was creating confusion as to who could use the service and what was offered.

After understanding the challenge and their expectations, we brainstormed a plan to rebrand their company and at the same time maintaining their established reputation. Together we decided on the name O55 and created a tag line that reflected the service and values of this organization, skills at work.

The next step was to make the logo and ensure it would be easily recognizable, memorable and reputable. This evolved into web applications, social media, printable media, stand-up banners, uniforms and other branded items that their members and the public uses, receives and enjoys.

Today they have a clean brand that will be rolling out an Ontario-wide licensing franchise and expanding its capabilities, a clean message that their services are for everyone, and a more approachable brand that is reflective of their time and goals.

Backroads Brews + Shoes

A Brand to Building project




After getting to know Emily and Aaron, I gathered all their requirements for what seems to be one of the most innovative business concepts in the city. We started working on the interior layout of their store. Later, we explored their branding and graphic identity and came up with what it is today - a symbol for runners that like a beer after their runs.

Located in the West5 development on Oxford St. W on the way to Kilworth, I noticed that Backroads was the only beverage establishment for quite some distance. I urged Emily and Aaron to get a coffee machine and open earlier that what they had in mind. This worked out perfectly for them. Now they have a beautiful store that is licensed, sells running shoes and gear, and serves coffee. This has helped them reach a larger customer base, positively impact their bottom line, and establish themselves as a local hang out.



services RENDERED

  • Business Naming

  • Brand and Brand Ecosystem

  • Uniform Design

  • Marketing Plan

  • Promotional Materials

  • Business Activation

  • Social Media Management

  • Interior Design

  • Store Front Design

  • Website Creative Direction

Peter Cuddy and Helen Ready asked to meet with me to discuss a business idea they had. After a couple of meetings, we decided on the name. Then I created the tag line “Trace your food”. This was the beginning of our branding process. Later came the graphic identity and the creation of a logo that represented fresh, healthy wholesome food; I even named the symbol a “fruitsee” an amalgamation of a fruit and a seed. This came as part of the concept and the idea of serving fresh-made smoothies with additional nutrition supplements and grains.

Then came the uniforms and marketing products to connect with the target market we initially targeted the business to.

A few months later Peter and Helen had found a brick and mortar location. The brand’s logo and colours were carried out throughout the space: in the outdoor window signage, orange ceilings, chalk menus, uniformed staff, branded cups, and interior space.

Now that the business is opened, I promote their business and maximize their online presence by administrating their social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook. I also design and procure their marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, posters, outdoor flags and street signage.

Today my clients Peter and Helen have a physical space, Facebook and Instagram account, business products, and marketing materials that are consistently and seamlessly connected to their brand identity.

Best of all, they are proud of their business and how it is represented to the public.