A brand or A logo

Some time people ask me what is it that I do.

Most of the time my answer is the same “I do branding for people and businesses that want to stand out from their competition” and 1 out of 10 they respond “So you do Logos?!” .

This is a common problem I have, people don’t know the difference.

A brand is composed by many parts, and one of those parts is the graphic identity in which a logo or logos is in it, but that is not the whole.

Besides the Logo component there is a deep understanding of what the business or service is about, this helps me craft a message and concrete ideas that can be implement on collaterals and the interior space of any business. Most importantly is the clear story and message that a Brand need to communicate, it could be an answer to the Why? question, but it can also be the for who. Not a little tal representation but sutle enough that transmits that message.

In summary, I focus on the big picture of any solution and in the process some byproducts generate from this big picture thinking like the logo and graphic identity.

In a nutshell I think beyond a problem and resolve it with bigger ideas.

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.
— Warren Buffett