Brand to Building Heading


Every business is unique, and every business owner is at a different stage of their entrepreneurial journey. That’s why Brand To Building™ is a flexible approach designed to meet your personal business goals.

After our initial meeting, we may decide that my expertise is only needed in a few key areas. Or, it may become clear that the best way forward is to complete the entire process.

My goal is always the same: to create a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level of success.

The most important step is to start the conversation!

We’ll discuss what you need, what I can do for you, and how I do it. We’ll go over your needs, goals, limitations, challenges, where you are in the process, and your ideal outcome.

No two projects are exactly alike and we’ll work together to determine the best way forward.

This is my signature process. I focus on the big picture of your business and develop a plan for your business to have a coherent brand throughout all your business’s touch points.

After the plan is in place, I oversee the correct execution of this plan in all these areas to ensure your brand’s consistency.

Together we build something amazing. 


  • Design consulting

  • Story telling

  • Branding and Brand ecosystem

  • Product sourcing

  • Interior design

  • Promotional marketing collaterals

  • Product packaging design

  • Business activation

  • Social media management

the objective

Take things off your “to do list” so you can focus on the tasks that you are good at.